The Singers

January 27, 2016

The Ensemble is a semi-professional group of individuals with a wide variety of skills and experiences. Many have come from the ranks of the fine collegiate choirs at the University of Melbourne, and most sing with other musical organisations in the city.

Singers with Ensemble Gombert for 2016 are:

Carol Veldhoven
Katherine Lieschke
Victoria Brown
Claerwen Jones
Kathryn Pisani
Katharina Hochheiser
Deborah Summerbell
Sarah Harris
Belinda Wong
Yi Wen Chin
Niki Ebacioni
Rebecca Collins
Juliana Kay
Gowri Rajendran
Jane Schleiger
Peter Campbell
Tim van Nooten
Vaughan McAlley
Stuart Tennant
Michael Stephens
Nicholas Tolhurst
Michael Strasser
Mike Ormerod
Adrian Phillips
Christopher Potter


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