A Franco-Flemish Selection (2013)

This post was created on February 23, 2013

Concert 1: Saturday 23 February at 8.00 pm
Xavier College Chapel, Barkers Rd, Kew

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The major work of this program, new to our repertoire, is Josquin’s Missa Malheur me bat, regarded as one of the composer’s most polished settings of the Mass. It was also highly regarded by his contemporaries and subsequent generations, publications and manuscript copies occurring over a period of about 100 years, a remarkably long life for a work at this time. Also new to the repertoire is Gombert’s Magnificat secundi toni. The remaining works have been perennial favourites, though we have not performed Martini’s extraordinary Magnificat tertii toni in the current millennium.

Johannes Martini – Magnificat tertii toni
Johannes Ghiselin – Regina caeli
Josquin Desprez – Missa Malheur me bat
Nicolas Gombert – Magnificat secundi toni
Jean Richafort – Philomena, praevia
Clemens non Papa – Fremuit spiritu Jesus
Orlandus Lassus – Nunc dimittis primi toni


Deborah Summerbell
Carol Veldhoven
Katherine Norman
Maria Pisani
Claerwen Jones
Kathryn Pisani
Belinda Wong
Yi Wen Chin
Niki Ebacioni
Rebecca Woods
Tim van Nooten
Vaughan McAlley
Stuart Tennant
Thomas Bland
Andrew Murray
Christopher Potter
Mike Ormerod

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