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February 7, 2015

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Welcome to Ensemble Gombert’s 21st annual Subscription Series, in our 25th Anniversary Year!

We look forward to seeing you in the wonderful Xavier College Chapel for yet another year of superb choral music.

John O’Donnell

Concert 1: Saturday 7 March at 8.00 pm

High Renaissance Polyphony

All ten composers represented here were celebrities in their day. And all were prolific, even after we’ve removed the spurious and doubtful works that invariably find their way into the compositional canon of a superstar. Happily the advent of commercial music printing, which dates from 1501, has preserved much that might otherwise have been lost. Nevertheless the choirbooks of the Vatican and many of the great cathedrals often preserve the finest versions of the works.
All editions of works in this program have been newly edited for Ensemble Gombert over the past quarter of a century.

Antoine Brumel – Laudate Dominum in caelis
Josquin Desprez – Huc me sydero descendere jussit Olympo
Jacob Obrecht - Laudemus nunc Dominum
Jean Richafort – Miseremini mei
Jachet da Mantua – Dum vastos Adriae
Costanzo Festa – Ave Regina caelorum
Cristobal de Morales – Lamentabatur Jacob
Clemens non Papa – Ego flos campi
Philippe Verdelot – Sancta Maria succurre
Nicolas GombertMissa Sancta Maria succurre

Concert 2: Saturday 9 May at 5.30 pm **PLEASE NOTE EARLY TIME**

Arvo Pärt & Calvin Bowman

One of the highlights of Ensemble Gombert’s performance history was the first Australian performance of Arvo Pärt’s Kanon pokajanen in 2005. Here we re-visit sections of the work, flanked by earlier and later pieces of Pärt. Another highlight was the 2008 program including the world première performances of Calvin Bowman’s Holy Sonnets of John Donne and Missa Vexilla Regis, both of which were composed for us. The sonnet cycle was subsequently renamed Death, be not proud, being the last of the four selected sonnets. In this program those works are separated by the beautiful settings of Herrick that first endeared us to Bowman’s choral writing.

Arvo Pärt
- Sieben Magnificat-Antiphonen
- Kanon pokajanen (excerpts)
- Nunc dimittis
Calvin Bowman
- Beach Burial
- To Daffadills
- Death, be not proud

Woodend Winter Arts Festival

Hear Ensemble Gombert with period orchestra and outstanding vocal soloists present two greatly loved choral works from the Classical era, Joseph Haydn’s “Nelson” Mass and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Vespers of a Confessor

Saturday & Sunday, 6 & 7 June at 8.30 p.m.
St Ambrose’ Church, Woodend
Haydn & Mozart

Joseph Haydn - “Nelson” Mass
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Vespers of a Confessor

Concert 3: Saturday 5 September at 5.30 pm

A Commemoration of Twenty-Five Years

From an embarrassment of riches we have selected a handful of the choir’s —and,we believe, audiences’—favourites from a quarter of a century of choral performance. The first half of the program features three of the most powerful works of the High Renaissance followed by six of the thirty-four motets that make up the 1575 Cantiones sacrae, the first printed motets in England. The second half is geared toward the audiences of our forthcoming European tour, focussed on Germany, showcasing masterpieces of the Early and Late Baroque and Romantic eras.

Josquin Desprez – Praeter rerum seriem
Nicolas Gombert – Regina caeli laetare
Clemens non Papa – Fremuit spiritu Jesus
Thomas Tallis
- Miserere nostri, Domine
- In ieiunio et fletu
- Derelinquat impius
William Byrd
- Siderum rector
- Emendemus in melius
- Attollite portas
Johann Hermann Schein – Das ist mir lieb
Johann Sebastian Bach – Komm, Jesu, komm
Johannes Brahms – Drei Motetten, Opus 110

European Concert Tour 20 September – 7 October 2015

Performances in Germany, Czech Republic, France & Switzerland.

Dom St Marien, Freiberg
Thomaskirche, Leipzig
Nikolaikirche, Leipzig
Auferstehungskirchke, Dessau
Augustinerkirche, Erfurt
Predigerkirche, Erfurt
Marienkirche, Jena-Ziegenhain
Frauenkirche, Dresden
Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Márianske Lázně
St Bartholomew Cathedral, Pilsen
Salvatorkirche, Coburg
Cathédrale Notre Dame, Strasbourg
Eglise Saint-Thomas, Strasbourg
Kloster Namen Jesu, Solothurn

Concert 4: Saturday 5 December at 8.00 pm

Christmas to Candlemas: Schütz and Praetorius with La Compañia

Toward the end of his life Michael Praetorius reflected on the fact (as he saw it) that music had come to its perfection in his time and among German Protestants. He was neither the first nor the last to articulate such partisan sentiments, but when one hears his multi-choral works performed by voices and the instruments of his day one cannot but acknowledge a justifiable pride. These splendid works follow Schütz’s Christmas Story, a work conceived on a humbler scale, unfolding the Christmas and Epiphany stories in a variety of combinations of voices and instruments.

Heinrich Schütz – Weihnachtshistorie
Michael Praetorius
- Jesaia dem Prophetem
- Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
- Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern

Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Festival

Friday 9 January 2016, 8pm
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Ballarat

Johann Sebastian Bach – Mass in B Minor

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